Monday, April 18, 2011

Dumpster Diving Introduces you to New people.

     Ive met so many new people through dumpster diving!  Whether its people from Fox or the Observer, people who have dove, people who want to dive or other people who are out at night when we are.  Once we met some streetsweepers who were from Mexico, places I had actually been in Mexico and they were pretty cool.  Kaitlyn was in the dumpster and she said there was a man behind me so I ran and hid behind the dumpster, not knowing he was 2feet behind me watching me hide behind the dumpster.  A truck started backing up beeping and Kaitlyn was terrified she was about to be tossed in a garbage truck.  So she offered him bananas, naturally.  It was great.  We have street sweeping friends.  The other night was particularly devaststing.
     We were driving behind the store, when we saw a man wandering around.  We did another drive around to see where he was or what he was doing.  A car also passed us behind the store, which we thought was odd, considering theres nothing back there but dumpsters.  We didnt see the man again but instead saw a woman wobbling from behind the store towards Tryon.  I was thinking maybe she was a McDonalds employee headed home but when our car got closer we saw that she was a nicely dressed Hispanic woman who was also very pregnant.  We rolled the window down and asked if she need a ride but she said no several times even when we asked if she was sure.  We turned the car to leave and saw in the rearview mirror the same car from earlier slowed beside her.  We panicked.  What if someone tried to pick her up?  What if something happens what would we do?  The car drove away and she continued to slowly walk towards Tryon.  We circled the car around and saw that she had crossed the street. We couldnt let her keep walking.  After a few confusing uturns and finding a place to park we got out and met her on the sidewalk.  As we approached her and throughout the conversation she kept looking towards the road in fear like something was about to happen.  We asked her about 50times if she needed a ride or would please ride with us, we told her how dangerous an area she was in and that we could not let her walk alone with her baby at that time.  She was crying.  She was really pretty. 
     She told us her name was Gabriella and we convinced her to call someone.  With my limited Spanglish I barely understood but it sounded like she didnt say much. She kept telling us no and kept walking away from us.  We sadly and devastatedly got back in the car and watched her walk away.  The same car pulled up beside her and a man got out and guided her forcibly into the vehicle.  They drove away.  We didnt know what to do so we followed them.  Should we call the police?  Were they illegal?  Should we try to get the license plate number?  He was too far ahead.  And we kept thinking we didnt want to make things worse for her if she was in a domestic violence situation and we may have already made things worse for her.  We didnt know what the right thing to do was.  We continued to follow from a pretty far distance.  The car randomly and rapidly pulled into a closed gas station parking lot.  We uturned.  We wanted to be there for her if she was left on the side of the road again and we need to see what was happening.  They pulled back out and continued the direction they were going.  We hurried to catch up but couldnt find them and assumed they had pulled into one of the nearby apartment complexes.  We were devastated.  We went home hungry and cried. 

Dear Gabriella the Hispanic woman who is 7months pregnant and was dropped off behind dollar tree and walking home at midnight,
I am devastated by you and your life.  I love you so much.  I am so sorry.  I am so dissapointed in him as a person and in the world we live in.  Im terrifed for you and your fetus.  What kind of a life is this?  You are worth so much more.  I really hope we did not make things worse for you.  Im sad that you are so isolated in life.  I really am.  I wish I could show you that you are so special and loved and do not deserve to be waddling down Tryon alone in the dark as vulnerable as you are.  I am so sorry and pained that I dont know how to help you.  How can I hurt this much from such small events in one night when you live that life everyday?  You are beautiful.  and I know your baby will be too.
Stephanie Mauvlyn Braun

73 days until God is calling me to be in Bolivia sharing the love of Christ with the orphans of Cochabamba.  Help me get there.

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