Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dumpster Resolutions.

I absolutely cannot believe how fast 2011 snuck up on us!  The worst part is, I remember being shocked when 2000 was quickly approaching.  As I do every year, I have made lists and lists of resolutions for every area and region of my life.  I am a bit of an overachiever, I admit it.  I am going to try to narrow down a few into a "Dumpster Resolutions" List, I have big plans involving dumpsters this year!

  • Dumpster dive more often, dive more food, introduce more people to diving, donate wayy more food to friends, families in need, shelters, etc. 
  • Have more dumpster get togethers, dumpster feasts, dumpster goods trades, dumpster goods yard sales, freesales, lots of bartering and trading, continue to be as generous as possible with the dumpster goods!
  • be less controlling about what I eat.  I think this is a huge part of diving, we are so controlling about what we eat, but God will provide everything we need, we just have to go get it!
  • dont pay for any food ever, regardless of the circumstances, unless it is an absolute emergency and that is pretty much never.  This is America.
  • introduce more people to diving whether it be through talking about diving, telling people about it, publicity and media, this blog, or actually taking them!  More importantly, create awareness for WHY we dive.  Awareness of waste, awareness of unnacceptable policies, awareness of hunger and other related issues. 
  • Create a bigger more intricate network of dumpster divers, people interested in the concept, people who support, people who can benefit, people I can feed, and people to dive with. 
  • Continue to get more creative with my dumpster goods: Santa was generous enough to bring me a blender and dehydrator for Christmas.  Lets start the insanity.  Get better at preserving, composting, sharing, donating, making art, finding household uses, and other creative uses for my amazing and epic finds. 
  • Get better with my gardening. Kind of a tough time of year, but hey, Im determined.
  • Stop playing around with and permanently go through with the "No Poo" regimine.  No more Shampoo and no more conditioner.  Ive been waiting to use up my Shampoo, but I might just use it for bubble bath and officially quit.  But more about No Poo in another post.
  • Catch up on all my Green Reading that Im behind on!
  • Complete the Gorgeously Green 8step program. More on this later.
  • Become More Green.  You can never be too green.
  • Take less Baths.  Ive become addicted to baths for years now due to muscle soreness, etc.  It wastes too much water and Ive spoiled myself! 
  • Step up my game on dumpster recycling,  meaning rescue more recyclables from the dumpster rather than leaving it behind and letting it take the sad journey to the landfill. 

  • ART
  • never purchase any art materials, use art materials I have, or can find, or borrow, continue to dive for materials at places that have been fruitful, find new places to dive art materials, continue making art out of trash, and dont throw anything away that can be used for art. which is pretty much anything and everything, which is why Ive been called a hoarder.  but im supremely creative and innovative, so give me a break!
  • continue building a network of other artists and freegans who make art, who will make art with me, trade supplies with me, display and love my work, and support me in my artistic efforts.  An artist commune if you will. (Valerie : D )
  • Find ways to make money off of my art.  Find ways to donate my art. 
Nows a good time to introduce you to a wonderful friend and artist I met recently through urban ministry, his name is William Pomphrey, he makes beautiful works of art from trash and random discarded items he finds, he makes intricate models of WWII warships. He has great character, and I think God wanted me to meet him.  I was blessed to be able to go to the event on campus of urban ministrys choir.  It was one of the most beautiful nights  my ears ever experieced.  Voices blessed by God.  and this mans hands are blessed by God as well. I definately admire him as an artist!  He had an engineering, artistic, innovative mind, and he was able to sell one of his ships for $5000!  He told me that last time we spoke that the ship he sold was about 4 feet and that he was working on and 8footer that would take him around a year.  I am so proud of him.  Unfortunately, I was unable to locate his article and pictures on the Charlotte Observer site, I think its been moved, but If I find them, I will definately post them!

This is a lot of goals, but they are all things I plan to work on in the future.  I never plan to stop the dumpster indulgence, unless one day there is nothing usable in dumpsters.  But honestly? I dont think that day will ever come. I plan to make gradual progress on this diving journey, and I will keep you updated along the way!! : )

I cant believe how fast everything spread.
Heres the link for if you google my name, charlotte, and dumpster diving. Tons of Hits. : ) Jus spreadin the love around.


  1. how are you going to wash your hair?

  2. @Aaron,
    Ive been off conditioner for a while because I ran out & Ive been too cheap to buy it, Ive been washing my hair with beer, coffee, tea, avocados, bananas, yogurt, pretty much anything around the house or from a dumpster. We discussed this the night I came home after a dive and found you on my back porch, the night you were so curious about the contents of my art studio/workshop/bedroom. I have been working on a baking soda & vinegar regimine that works a million times better than shampoo and conditioner. I will do a post about hair and explain myself better! : )