Monday, January 10, 2011

* What to do inside on a frugal snow day! *


Everyone knows what to do OUTSIDE on snow days... But in between the rolling in the snow, snowmen, snowball fights, and snowforts, when you come inside to warm up, here are some festivities to keep you busy.  Or, in my situation I happen to be snowed in alone and my puppy doesnt like to be cold!  He needs a dog snow jacket.  Maybe Ill make him one. On a frugal snow day you should... 

Wear toe socks!

Text people you love as soon as you find out its snowing and as soon as you find out its a snow day, no matter what time it is!  Spread the excitement.

Call a cute boy and wish him a happy snow day at 6am!!

Catch up on your reading.  Right now Im reading:
  • Fields of the Fatherless by Tom Davis
  • Gorgeously Green-8steps to an EcoFriendly Life by Sophie Uliano
  • God's Blog's by lanny donoho
  • 3 Chicken Soups: for the Sports Fans Soul, Mothers Soul, and Sisters Soul
  • Revolution in World Misisons by K.P. Yohannan
  • My Fathers Secret War by Lucinda Franks
  • and Im rereading Real Sex:The naked truth about Chastity by Lauren F. Winner.

 Drink something hot!  I suggest coffee and hot cocoa mixed, or chai!  Or green tea, or raspberry tea. Any coffee or tea will do the trick as long as its hot! : ) mmmm... coozeeeeee

I <3 snow.  I never really
considered how its free...
and edible. me gusta! : )
Make dumpster snow cream!
  • 8 cups fresh Snow
  • 2 tbsp Vanilla 
  • 1 cup dumpster Sugar
  • 1 cup dumpster Milk (soymilk works too!)

apparently there are multiple recipes & you can add different ingredients to it and get creative! 
I think snowcream with bananas would be good.  Or if you added nuts.  I would also love to find a way to make coffee snow cream.  But I havent mastered it yet.

I just put a bowl on the backporch and let it fill up with fresh snow. : ) If it snowed, but is not snowing, you can always scrape snow off the tops of everything. 

Scrump. & Frugal.


Get all of your holiday pictures off of your phone and onto your facebook!
Make Firestarters!

Accidentally discover that your laptop has a webcam youve never seen before.  Create a Youtube channel and send snowday videos to your friends.

Listen to Cage The Elephant.

I know that youre tired of this cus youre a robot they designed your life

true souls said they know whats right
you can join us
on the other side

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