Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Taste of Dehydrated Paradise.

Last weekend was an incredible dive!  I received an amazing dehydrator for Christmas and have been dehydrating lots of dumpster goods for snacks, or to preserve for later.  Even with all the food I give away, donate, and share, I can never eat all of my food and my compost is always overflowing.  This past weekend we dove tons of dehydratable, delish, fruits to snack on, and I have been drying fruits right and left!  We dove:
  • mangos
  • watermelon
  • pineapple
  • apples
  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • cucumbers
  • cantalope
and theres most likely others that I forgot.  All of them are awesome snacks dehydrated and Ive started creating a sort of dumpster trail mix out of dried fruits.  I cannot believe that all of these delicious, exotic edibles are tossed in the trash and that we actually go fetch them out and do creative things to them to put them to use.  It blows my mind that the weekend before last we found a bag of perfectly scrumptious kiwis in January in the dumpster.  I cant even start to imagine when the last time I ate a kiwi was predumpster lifestyle.  I cant remember ever purchasing a kiwi, strawberry, mango or watermelon, ever.  The wallet wasnt heavy enough for all of that.  It wasnt in my college budget.  And I cant remember a time diving where we didnt find apples or oranges.  Probably every single time. 

If I didnt dumpster dive? I would never have anything to dehydrate, the device would be useless to me, and I would probably be attempting to sell it somewhere. But thanks to a lot of waste, I am able to preserve and create nourishment for myself and others, from garbage.  The words trash and garbage have completely different definitions to me now, and my dehydrator is one of my most used appliances, coming in behind the coffeemaker, and microwave.  If you count the amount of hours that I use it, or how much work it does for me, its definately number one no question.  I am munching on dehydrated watermelon as we speak, and who would have thought it would be better than jolly rancherS?  WAY BETTER.  Dont even get me started on how I feel about pineapple chips.

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