Thursday, May 26, 2011

100 things by next summer

As a recent graduate who was just relieved of numerous huge responsibilities, I decided that I need to get on the things I have been wanting to do in AGES but didnt have time, because I didnt even have time to sleep, while in school, running numerous organizations, volunteering, internship, various jobs, and so much more going on.  I have new responsibilities of course: hello student loans! but I plan on sprinkling the things I long for in life and things I have been meaning to do throughout the year amidst my required duties.  I am in the process of making a list of 100 things I would like to do by the end of next summer.  The list will evolve of course, some things are simple and wont require much time, but others will require a lot of time and investment, and if I do not complete everything, I will mark my progress and add them to the next list!  : )  I know everyone makes lists like this when its new years or they are dying, but I am of course inspired by GRADUATING AFTER 6 INTENSE YEARS of UNC Charlotte and my recent graduation, as well as all this sunshine I am drinking in. : ) Thanks God for sunshine and inspiration.

Another part of adding this list is so that my friends and networks of awesome people can help me achieve them or join me in this journey!  this list will be edited relentlessly and I will track my progress. : )  Im just trying to add spice to my life and stop putting a lot of my personal goals on a backburner for the mundane responsible life.  I dont want to live like you are "supposed to". what does that mean anyway?

Here is my list so far.

1)Read the whole bible (or as much as I can!)
2)Get back into playing piano
3)Memorize an awesome song on piano
4)Have the honor of having something I have written published. somewhere. anywhere.
5)Plan my own mission Trip to Mexico at least once (this summer!!!!)
6)Learn to play guitar (who wants to help?)
7)Become more fluent in spanish
8)Contra Dance on a regular basis
9)Return to Cochabamba Bolivia at least once with Childrens Impact Network(this summer!)
10)Become better at Salsa!!
11)Become an expert Bachata dancer!
12)Run at least 500 Miles
13)Get my merengue on occasionally.we will just make this one to make dance a regular part of my life.  I learned this week that I truly enjoy waltz, contra, and merengue, and did them all for the first time this week!!
14)Learn how to tie a tie without watching a youtube video or asking help from friends. (seriously Ive tied a hundred ties a hundred times and still need assistance)
15)Bike at least 500 miles. (step 1=get bike)
16)write 100 poems.
17)get my CNA license renewed (its been expired since 2007)
18)Learn how to tell military time effortlessly. (Ive been taught 50 times. I just set my phone to military time as an aid in this )
20)100+ blog entries amongst my various blogs : )

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